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March 7, 2014

LFP Group Mentoring Session

I am super excited to be offering a mini editing mentor session on March 31, 2014 at 8pm (CST)

I will teach my editing workflow (no actions used)

Learn new techniques to make your editing unique and more rich.

Approximately 2o minutes before session starts you will receive an email with log in info.

You will hear me speak as I walk you through the details while you watch me edit.

There are no Q&A options, as this is a group mentoring class. (If you would like a 1:1 Session please feel free to contact me)

To book your spot please contact me or forward payment through PayPal.

PayPal address: lizfrancophotography@gmail.com

You will receive a confirmation E-mail after payment has been received.

*Be at least 100 miles outside of Chicago, IL & Brookfield,IL.
* Own some type of editing software – preferably Photoshop CS4 +

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  1. Jenna Williams says:

    Hi Liz,
    My name is Jenna Williams and I was recommended to check you out via my friend Katie salvitory-Hernandez. She has helped me with many photo questions as I start my own adventure into photography.
    My question to you is, will you be editing YOUR images during this time!? We don’t see any of our photos edited right!?
    Also, I live in a very small country town in the middle of Texas and our Internet is patchy and doesn’t work if the wind blows. So is there a way to possibly pay for a spot/session but have access to it later or have it recorded somehow!? I would hate to pay and take up a spot from someone else and not be able to see it at the time of the event.
    I also currently only have lightroom 5 and not photoshop. Will you be dealing mostly in LR or also PS?
    Thank you for your time!! I am very interested in this opportunity!!

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