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December 30, 2014

Poetry through photography

There is just something sublime about these portraits. I want to be able and speak with my own voice through photography & when I see images from my recent work I am truly thankful that I am living my dream. I have always been a poetry lover. I even thought about writing my own poetry book one day! HA! But here I am speaking poetry though my work. Maybe I do not use rhyming words  nor do I know all of the rules to follow in everything around, but this is my way of speaking it. I can finally embrace art in a whole new way.


I continue to seek for something new each time. I allow my soul to get inspired and invite my heart to admire others rather than compete with them. I always find freedom where there is no negativity. The chains of doubts are easily removed and my creative soul begins to dream each time more and more. This passion is intensely deep. My desire to show others my work and to help them; increases in many ways.


There is always beauty everywhere and in everything. I try my best to focus on these words. I can easily get discouraged. I admit it. I am human. But when moments like these stop by my door I refuse to let them in. I remind myself that I too was once unknown and God found me and saw beauty in me. Therefore I always try to find it in everything even in the tough seasons for  in the end those are truly the seasons that make us grow. I can relate to this so much. Because when this journey was first given to me, it was through a very hard moment in my life. Now my goal is to always find beauty in everything, in a unique way and capture it.




  1. elvie says:

    Love this liz

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