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November 19, 2015

“A Cold Winter | Group Editing Webinar”



Date: December 1, 2015
Time: 9pm CST
Fee: $99

This group webinar is perfect for those that live in locations where you see little or no snow at all, but also for those who’d like to enhance the winter beauty they get to see around them.


This is a group webinar
There will be NO Questions & Answers
You will watch me edit as I explain what I do
Yes, you will be able to hear me speak
No video will be provided
This is a “live” watch me edit group webinar
This webinar is  a “Workflow editing class” this is a group webinar where I will teach how to add a magical winter/cool tone edit in your photos

Please add the date and time to your calendar
You will receive log in information 30 minutes prior to webinar
NO recording and NO screenshots permitted

Must have basic knowledge of Photoshop Cs3+ or Photoshop CC
This webinar is NOT available for anyone who teaches any kind of in-person or online class/tutorials/workshops etc…
You will be required to sign a non-compete and confidentiality contract (You will receive contract within the next 24 hours after booking your spot)
Please note: Failure to sign the contract will lead to dismissal from this webinar without refund, please be sure to sign this contract

 There is a 75 mile restricted radius from Chicago, Il.
(Photographers within this radius are not allowed to take this class, we apologize for the inconvenience)


  1. C.R. says:

    Hi Liz! :) I’ve emailed you a couple times, but am wondering when is your next online editing class and how much?

    • Liz Franco Photography says:

      Hi there! At the moment we will not be doing another online group class. Our next one will be in November. We are currently offering 1:1 editing classes. Thank you!

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