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December 1, 2015

A Vintage Love story St. James Farm, Chicago photographer / Mikayla + Kyle

Somebody pinch me! I am trying to write the perfect words to explain the overwhelming joy my creative soul feels when looking at these images. But A) I am not a writer B) These two beautiful souls are beyond gorgeous to explain it in a few words.¬†These is real these are my clients, they are in love and beautiful inside & out. Mikayla is an amazing and talented photographer near me and when she contacted me to book a portrait session for herself I was so excited, but then she came back and this time with Kyle (her love). You can imagine oh! the excitement I felt when she mentioned that she wanted a SUNRISE session. The light, the setting, the outfits, everything came together so beautifully and honestly I just couldn’t believe how perfect this session was. The vintage era inspires me so much, in ways I just cannot explain, the romance and magic behind it, I just love to introduce that into my portraits. When my clients are more than willing to make things like this happen, I can just say, my soul, my creative soul smiles.

I hope you enjoy this session as much as I do. Thank you for stopping by.

Please be sure to check out Mikayla’s work. Over at Capture the Canvas Photography

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