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September 5, 2016

Sierra Vista VA | Lynchburg, Virginia | Family Photography

As a photographer, I have very specific visions of how I want my images to turn out. It’s the same when you’re on the other side of the camera! My son’s 6 month milestone coincided with when Liz Franco was visiting Virginia. I wanted something completely amazing. We decided to bring the canoe down to the creek at Sierra Vista. It’s green and lush down there, so I opted for a red dress to make the colors pop. Along with Liz’s style and vision, and the natural beauty of our surroundings, I had no doubt these images would be exactly what I was hoping for. I was so blown away when I saw them! They just look like paintings, and are absolutely perfect. I’m so blessed to have them to mark 6 months of my son’s life!

Being a photographer has given me the opportunity to learn so much about life, about people, and the beauty that surrounds.

While visiting Lynchburg, Virginia I was graced with the opportunity to meet and photograph Megan Vaughan Photography and her beautiful family.
As they celebrated Baby Max turning 6 months old. This session was hands down one of the most magical sessions ever.
The location for this session was in Sierra Vista VA, a beautiful wedding venue. I have been in quite a few places and I will tell you that
the peace and beauty you can breathe while in Sierra Vista, is simply like no other.

A Jeep trip down a wooded road was only the beginning to this amazing night. The love that Mitch & Megan share is truly so sweet. Their baby Max is a true gem.
We ended this session as I captured Mitch and Megan dancing to a the rhythm of a Sunset as it met with the mountains.

Thanks guys for this wonderful privilege of capturing these memories for you all.

P.S. Dear Reader, If you are ever in Virginia you must stop by Sierra Vista VA.


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