March 2, 2017

Janet + Taylor

“Love is not easy but it’s worth it”

We are excited to finally release our website designed by Chinelle from Chinelle Ro Design Co.
I am truly grateful for this wonderful lady and for the many beautiful souls I’ve met while walking in this amazing journey.
Though this new website I want to share more and more with you all. From photography information that I believe will benefit those that are starting out their journey or are looking to learn more to a special piece that is so special to my heart…. my Poetry. I will be sharing through Poetry Page in here some of the love letters to my soul that I’ve written. (will be updated very soon)

The talent that is found in every soul is quite amazing. Even though I started this blog post writing about my website, I actually want to write about other creative souls that I’ve met.
I deeply believe God gave me a journey where I can constantly see the good in others and be inspired by them. It is amazing to see and learn from those that go out of their way to help others and as I continue to grow in this journey, I constantly tell myself I too, want to share that kindness.

A great example of that talent is this session. Yes, I captured the portraits. But what you cannot see here are the amazing souls that made this session happen. SO grateful for all you creative artists that make our “job” even more wonderful.

Thank YOU for stopping by to check out our new website that will continue to improve little by little.

Models: Janet Yuan & Taylor Matthew
Dress: Hailey Paige Gown from Magnolia Bridal
Hair and Makeup: Hannah Elisabeth Beauty
Cake: Two wild seeds
Florals: Cornell Florist 
Calligraphy: Mas+Millie
Location: Cuatro Caminos Ranch

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