March 3, 2017

Celestina + Jason

A hushed lullaby. A golden dream. The fairy tale that is this session brings to me such passion and joy.
To see the love that these two share is a beautiful thing to experience and be a quiet part of. I watch through my lens, as they stare into their beloved’s eyes. Seeing in each other the endless possibility that is their future. Their untold love story, still waiting to be written.

From the stunning gown, to the ivy-laden walls; every detail of this idyllically styled session quietly screams, “magic”. There is magic here in the beauty of Celestina’s loving glance. In the romantic yearning in Jason’s eyes as he beholds his wife. Every intentional and serendipitous element adds to the fairy tale-like atmosphere of this session.

Celestina believes in the magic of romance. As a fellow photographer, my goal was to deliver to her a documentation of a time filled with a fairy tale romance she can forever cling to. For this opportunity, I thank you. Thank you for allowing me the chance to be a part of the magic that is your love. I have nothing but firm faith that you will have a enchanting life-long love affair.






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