Thank you for stopping by!

My name is Liz and I beyond excited to know  that our dreamy paintings spoke to your soul. 
I am a poetic at heart.
Redeemed light seeker, a Child of God.
I am married to an amazing man who runs with passion
after Jesus and we now share this wonderful journey
with our little explorer, Gracie.
I am in love with nature and natural light. I love to find beauty
in the forgotten and simple places.

"I Believe I am just a creative soul, translating the beauty of his creation, to this world"

We Love:

Jesus     Donuts     Bollywood  chocolate
jalapeƱos     poetry     singing 

The Franco's

We deeply believe that if you are here, it is because you too hear
the voice of romance and whimsical dreams through these portraits. 
The wandering beauty of light and mystery also speaks to you in one way or another. 
We believe life is beautiful and magical and it is our ultimate goal, to show you
how you are truly beautiful, you deserve to live your own love story, to breathe dreams of beauty and wander into the everlasting beauty of poetic paintings. 

Our Philosophy

What is dreamy and romantic
what is real and authentic
what is pure and everlasting
what makes your story unique

-that is what we love to capture-