(Maternity, family, beauty & couples)

We offer three different collection from where you can choose from. no matter the collection, we work together from beginning to end to ensure every single detail is covered. 

Please contact us for complete details on the collections we offer. 

 start at $650

Intimate weddings|Elopements

We are available for travel worldwide
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STart at $2,800

We believe in the

Your story is truly like no other


We believe each season is unique and so is every single person we photograph. My ultimate goal goes far beyond just "pretty pictures" it becomes deeper and more intimate. For us storytelling your story is a once in a lifetime privilege.

Liz Franco Photography is built of memories beautifully translated into portraits and your story is one we would love to tell. 


We aim to give you more than you thought possible. After all, you deserve  it.

Every day is special, every breathe we take is a gift, whether you are celebrating your love story, maternity season or want to add new beautiful portraits to your treasured memories for your family, it is our ultimate goal to capture and deliver unique portraits just for you!

We will work together from beginning to end to ensure that every single details is special and perfect. Our goal to truly connect with you and deliver our very best, before , during and after the session.

delivering the


invest in the moment

You can never put a price on an image, each moment only happens once. 

I deeply believe that your love story is not ordinary, so invest in something extraordinary!

These are memories that one day your loved ones will look back to and smile but also these are portraits that you will look at each day and remember the reasons why life... YOUR life is truly a unique fairytale. 

I do not mind hiking to beautiful locations or walking miles with you to watch the sunset meet with the ocean or run through beautiful fields as together we chase the light. The world is full of beauty where your heart desires and whatever inspires your Soul, it'd be a privilege to chase and capture beauty with and for you. 

Come join the adventure of romantic and whimsical storytelling. I'd love to write poetry of your story through these portraits. 

let's do this!

invest in the


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To all those that have believed in LFP Thank you from the bottom of my heart!