Meet Liz Franco, Photographer

Hi, I’m Liz

I am a poetic at heart.

Redeemed light seeker, a Child of God.

I am married to an amazing man who runs with passion
after Jesus and we now share this wonderful journey
with our little explorer, Gracie.

I am in love with nature and natural light. I love to find beauty
in the forgotten and simple places.

As this journey continues to grow by the Grace of God,
I have been given the blessing to mentor other creative Souls.
I love teaching and sharing with others what I have learned to see through the beauty and art of photography.

It means the world to know that our work spoke to you in one way or another
and that you took the time to visit us here.

How We Work

Our goal is to capture each session with a unique and whimsical style. We specialize in artistic portraiture, intimate weddings and elopements.

When booking with LFP we will work together from beginning to end to create a beautiful session.

We work on location in the most magical locations in Chicago and around the world.

What Inspires Us

What is dreamy and romantic

what is real and authentic

what is pure and everlasting

what makes your story unique

-that is what we love to capture-

Liz Franco gently cultivates through her lens

what is not visible to the eye

the golden passion of the sunset

the soft breeze and gentle touch of a sunrise

Whether it’s tippy toes running freely

through the green summer grass

or two souls embracing the joy of being one

In each of these moments we find inspiration

in God’s very own creation and beauty

That is what inspires each of these portraits. We thank you for taking the time to appreciate this art and wanting to be part of this journey. A journey of storytelling through these portraits- the unique moments you are intensely living.