Join us as we embark this grand adventure. Where the oceans of creativity grows deeper as we explore the beauty of capturing life through our Radiant Souls. 

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August 16-19, 2021

Ever dreamed of a place where you can revitalize your creativity and ignite your soul to capture what truly speaks to you?

Are you ready for us to help you make your work radiate with powerful emotion and editing?

Welcome! You have found the perfect retreat.
This is going to be intimate, fun, and your game changer. Are you ready? 

That is exactly what is going to happen while we hangout and shoot together in the amazingly magical Island of Honolulu! Just us, you, and a few other girls diving into our creative hearts and revitalizing it.

If you’ve been feeling like there’s something missing from your work and you just need a little help reaching it, we’ve got you. 

If you’ve been aching for beautiful tones and colors in your images, we’ve got you. 

If you’ve been aching to capture moments with better composition or light, we’ve got you.  

If you’ve been aching to fall in love with your work, we’ve got you!

Come hang with us, shoot with us, edit with us, and laugh with us. We’re going to have styled shoots, you’ll get our presets and we’re going to edit with you one-on-one, answer any questions you’ve been wanting answered, and give you support even after it's all over. We can’t wait to build a friendship with you and watch you thrive!

Your investment also covers your lodging August 16-19 plus all your meals and snacks. Along with some other pretty bomb goodies such as both of our presets/brushes, bags full of cool swag and discounts to our favorite vendors. 

The Details

Alright babes, here’s the details of how this workshop will run and the investment:

First night will be a welcome dinner! This is where we get to meet, squeeze each other (We will squeeze you, period!), and just get to know one another! 

Both full days will each have a sunrise couples shoot taught by Liz, and a sunset family shoot taught by Kayla. In between both of those shoots we will both be going over topics that will fill your cute heads with loads of information on brand building, backend business tips, growing your business, session workflows, social media, and so much more! We’ll also be editing together and have open discussions/Q&A. 

Also it’s important to note how we’re setting up the shoots. While we will all go to the shoots together, 5 of you will be photographing the couple/family and the other 5 will be watching how each of us run a session and grabbing some pull back shots when you’re able, but also taking BTS photos of your friends shooting (just as they will do for you when it’s your session to shoot) and taking creative shots of one another while at our epic location! 

It means a lot to us to set it up this way for multiple reasons. One, you can get so much more out of the session with only 4 others also shooting around you as opposed to 9 others around you. And this gives you the opportunity to have BTS photos of yourself taken, AND the opportunity to have new “headshots” of yourself taken while at these locations! 


$600 deposit and signed contract due upon booking. 
The remaining balance will be split up into payments and is scheduled to be paid in full by July 9th. 

To book please email us at and also feel free to email us if you have any questions.

Total Investment is $2,400

Join us in a beautiful mountain top retreat home 
3 night stay
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

"And we slowly walked into a wilderness like no other, where we discovered the calling of our soul"

"Maple Photography felt like an extension of our family ... it was like hanging out with friends!"

"Their unique approach left me in tears ... they captured our true, messy, love-filled life!"

We can say that living colors and light-seeking inspired this workshop. We both embrace color and beauty in a different yet similar way. Stepping outside the normal is our goal. Capturing unique, raw, and magical storytelling is what moves us during every session. It is our ultimate desire that you too join the movement of being a storyteller that is NOT afraid to step outside of that silly comfort zone to finally embrace life and beauty through a unique and radiant perspective. 

Meet your instructors

Liz Franco Photography

Locke Photography 

email liz & Kayla at 

Have any questions?
Shoot us an e-mail!